The jewelry market is mostly divided into classically expensive fine jewelry and affordable but throwaway costume jewelry that don’t last.  

As a direct-to-consumer fine jewelry company Diamondwize offers fine jewelry, but also fills the gap between expensive fine jewelry and throwaway costume jewelry by offering its Every-day-luxury collection of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  

Our direct to consumer model allows us to keep price mark-ups low giving the consumer much better quality and greater value.

The 0.1 Percent

In terms of our high end and wedding jewellry, all of our gemstones including our Diamondwize diamonds  are hand selected for their quality and rare beauty.  Each diamond is natural, untreated and graded three times before being offered to any customer. Due to strict standards and Diamondwize's commitment to adhering to the Kimberly Process, less than 0.1% percent of diamonds are eligible to be considered Diamondwize gems.